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X Rally 12H La Cabrera

12 May, 2022

Last Saturday 7th of May took place the X 12h. Rally in La Cabrera which also was the first stage of the XII 12h Climbing Rallyes League FEDME and it includes 4 more stages:


  • 21st of May – XIII Riglos Rally (Huesca).
    • 17th of September–Torozo Rally (Ávila).
    • 1st of October – IX El Chorro Rally (Málaga).
    • 22nd of October– Montanejos Rally (Castellón).


The Rally began at 8.00 in the morning, after the routes drawing and the organization briefing, the stopwatch didn’t stop until 20.00h. During the day there was intense fight between the male roped team and above all between the first three roped teams because they knew each other after the previous edition. After the dinner at Cancho del Aguila, reference point for this school climbers and essential to be able to develop the Rally, we began the prizes and trophies giving to the winner roped teams, after the appointed referee by the FEDME and all the participants revised the blackboard. Lastly, to close the climbing day with a friendly environment between the participants, the organization made a giveaway of 4 padel bags +8000, through skill and ability games between two random participants and it was a good time to have fun and close the day.

We appreciate the support +8000 gave us with the clothing gifts for the podium and the giveaway material, also thanks to all the volunteers that make possible the Rally’s realization, to the La Cabrera climbers, Amadablan Club, Madrid Mountaineering Federation and the Spanish Federation for Mountain and Climbing Sports.

Female category

1.- Araceli Guillamon & Laura Collados – 90 points – 750 meters
2.- Miriam García & Rocío Monteoliva 81 – points – 650 meters

Male category

1.- Jorge Palacios & Agustín González – 345 points – 1.890 meters
2.- Juan José Cano & Rubén López – 342 points – 1.930 meters, from team +8000.
3.- Jaume Peiro & Alejandro Gonzalez – 328 points – 1890



Mixed category

1.- Marina Barrio & Rafa Gómez – 279 points – 1570 meters.
2.-Lenka Pribylova & Juan Carlos Bravo – 195 points – 1360 meters.
3. Juanjo Jerez & Sofia Rodríguez – 180 points – 1.310 meters.

Veteran category

1.- Pedro Soto Guerrero & José Antonio Arjona – 219 points – 1380 meters
2.- Israel Blanco & Juanfran Marín – 133 points – 680 meters
3.- Gregorio Moreno & Marc Fuvel – 111 points – 880 meters