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The birthplace of mountain climbing

18 May, 2022


Winter came to an end, but not for that reason we must save all our climbing material in the wardrobe. Climbing mountain reminds us to snow, ice, cold, long days and getting up so early. I will not say all that is false, but the reward always exceeds the inverted effort. My name is Pablo Ruiz  and I belong since a lot of time to the +8000 team. I work as High Mountain guide in the Alps in winter as well as in summer. It is in summer when a lot of people trust on me to enjoy these beautiful places and make their goals and dreams come true. For all that, we wear warm clothes again, including crampons and continue with the activities that in Spain we can only do in winter.



My base camp is Chamonix, a place with a lot of possibilities for all levels. There we could choose between comfortable approximations with the help of cable railways or getting lost in remote places where possibly we don’t see anyone in the whole day.

And what do this have that it gets everyone hooked? It is something difficult to answer, but when you try it out by yourself is easy to understand. If the mountain is your passion, this is one of the world’s Meccas you need to visit in some moment. Climbing mountains of 4000 meters are activities that become part of the daily routine. We have the Mont Blanc, the most coveted for being the highest; but not for that reason is better than the other four thousand that exists in the proximities. The normal routes of all these tops are the easiest and most logical way to climb them so that they are the busiest. However, we shouldn’t undervalue them, because all of them require a good physical shape and knowing certain technical skills.

On top

There are also chances for the experienced mountaineers, all those mountains include various routes of different difficulties. Some of them are climbed in winter, looking for the lines that the ice creates along the wall. In summer, when ice is becoming scarce, we go for those that cover edges made of rock or snow, going through places that could have been taken from a postcard.

Summer doesn’t mean sun and good weather. We must remember that we are on high mountain and the meteorology can suddenly change and even snow, what is something very usual up there. Sufficient reason to wear the right clothes such as the one provided by +8000. For that, an outer layer such as the Anapurna jacket is more than required in our bag to protect ourselves from the rain, snow, or wind. For the cold, feather, or synthetic clothing such as the Tibetan or Carranza jackets will give us the thermal support we need. And as base layers, a thermal T-shirt like Cortona, under the sweatshirt Potosi or Petroso will provide us the comfort and warmth we will need.

I hope you feel now like trying to live so reward experiences as the ones I luckily live. I encourage you to visit this wonderful place along with mountain’s professionals that make you feel safe thanks to their experience. See you on the mountains!