Pablo Ruiz (UIAGM)

Born in 1985 and from Reinosa (Cantabria), was there where my passion for the mountains began. After finishing my studies as engineer I came back to the Pyrenees where I continued with my preparation as High Mountain Guide turning my passion into my job. I work in multiple places in all the peninsula but more active in the Pyrenees. The summer season took me to the Alps where I could show my customers the most alpine side of the mountain.

Travelling has always been my passion, no matter if it was looking for rock, snow, ice, or pure mountain. Journeys around Spain, Pyrenees, Alps and many more European countries. However, the far away journeys have always attracted me. Climbing in the Colombian jungle, or wonderful walls in Taghia (Marruecos). New openings of routes on 5000 m high tops of the Indian Himalaya and others 6000 m high in the Himalaya from Nepal, including the Argentinian Patagonia in the middle. The United States and its incredible big walls such as the Captain in Yosemite Valley, along with other emblematic climbings of the place, the Fisher Towers or the perfect cracks of the Indian Creek and Zion.

Since the beginning of 2015 I began in the Spanish Mountaineering Team, where I luckily do high level activities surrounded by nice colleagues.

In 2018, I got two nominations to “Piolet de Oro” for the cracks of the Rolwaling Valley (Nepal) which mean the prize for so many dreams come true and the motivation to fight for all which are to be achieved.

Now and since some time ago, with the mountain in all its disciplines turned into my personal and professional project, I transmit my enthusiasm and knowledge as High Mountain Guide UIAGM and Ravines Guide.