Isra Samper (UIAGM)

I was born in Sax, a town in Alicante. I began climbing at the age of 8, and when I was 19 I began with guiding courses and moved to the Pyrenees in winter and to Picos de Europa in summer working as a guide. Nowadays I am ravines and high mountain’s guide.

After more than 8 years living in the “North” I wanted to know the most alpine face of the mountain and I decided to begin doing what I really like, mountaineering, so that I began the High Mountain coach title. This gave me the motivation I needed to move to Chamonix, in the middle of the Alps, where I have been living for more than 4 years now and enjoying the numerous possibilities this place offers.

I try to enjoy the mountain as much as I can, with customers or friends, is there where I spend most of my time. Each day that I go to the mountain, I learn something new. When I am working, I like transmitting my knowledge and passion for the mountain.

As I am living in the Alps, is the place where I normally work and do activities, being the ideal location to try out the +8000 products due to the hard weather conditions.

Being part of the +8000 team is a motivation to look for new projects and continue enjoying the mountain.