Urban Monkey Villalba

Urban Monkey has different climbing walls in Madrid, Collado Villalba and Moralzarzal.


In the centre of Collado Villalba, with more than 500 m2, you will be able to enjoy some areas adapted to any climb level: numerable walls, boulders, self-belays, Moon Boards, climbing ramps, kids area, System Board, restaurant…

Try the walls with different inclination that have been prepared for you: 0º, 15º, 30º, 45º… Enjoy the different walls of natural rock shape to make real your climbing experience. You will be able to try all of our blocks of different levels of the application of Moon Board in our panel of 25º. To make technical and resistance exercises you have the system board room prepared for you. You will be able to try all the blocks from the boulder area.

If you want to learn some basic climbing technics with a rope, you can try the climbing tracks area that is ideal for beginners. It has a specific wall for new monkeys. Frenchies, blocking, holds, suspension… The perfect complement for a training session. You will find a totally equipped gym with every type of machines: muscles, aerobic exercises, stretching, wall bars, TRX, fitball, rubbers…

In addition, Urban Monkey also offers lessons for beginners. The aim of this is learning to climb equipped tracks in an autonomous way and solving problems in a secure and practical way. It also offers the option of climbing baptism. It addresses people willing to have a first contact with climbing.

It is an honour for +8000 to equip this professional team.