Espacio Acción

The climbing walls in Espacio Acción present in all their surfaces an elaborated three dimensional and adhesive structure, which apart from the holds, it feigns all kind of natural holds for hands and foot. In this way, being able to climb out of the holds, the gestural wealth is notably increased in comparison to the classic designed climbing walls. And with it, the technical and physical performance of the users.

Three independent climbing rooms, with more than 9000 holds, in a new installation that offers diverse equipment:

ROOM 0 (tracks & Boulder zone, difficulty between IVº & 8b): – 965 m2 to climb, self-belays & 47 belay and lowering stations. – 55 routes of 8 m., including two thematic zones Chorreras RODELLAR and Túnel. – 12 routes of 12 m. – 12 routes of 15m, including the Muro CIELO with transparent panels. – Gran Bloque CABEZÓN (unique in Spain) – Two folding panels – Equipment for artificial non-equipped climb & dry-tooling. – 5 zones with shelf prepared for rappel’s assembly at different heights, zip line or any advanced rescue technique. – Lots of crossings and blocks in constant renewal.

ROOM 2 (boulder): – 450 m2 to climb, designed like a cave, with vaults, volumes, and various level columns.

ROOM 3 (high performance boulder): – 185 m2 to climb, with great inclination plans and horizontal ceilings.

Complementary equipment:

Horizontal stairs – Rope climb – rotating bar – 4 campus board – 2 simulators for fissure technique: The Fisuratrón & Cerrojódromo – 8 multi-hold panel – 3 Regletómetros.

It is an honour for +8000 to equip this professional team.