Héctor Moreno

My name is Héctor Moreno. I was born in Madrid and I spent my childhood between the Mediterranean coast and the mountains of “Sierra de Guadarrama”.

I am a photography and nature lover, so, along with my “wanderlust” and passion for discovering other cultures, made me travel on my own to different countries and places that maybe some years before I could not imagine.

I have always been a passionate of sports and, of course, of lots of them (surf, swimming, mountain bike, trekking…).

Currently I use much of my energy on mountain sports and photography, on which I spend most of my free time, because they provide me the relax, concentration and inspiration that I need… This is just a part of what nature can offer us!

Being part of the +8000 team is a great chance and motivation to keep facing the challenges and developing the activities that provide me vitality.