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Nature International Day!

3 March, 2022

Happy Nature International Day!

+8000 base its style on three premises: nature, action and adventure. Today we celebrate the international day of the first of them, and from here we want to wish a happy day to all the nature lovers.

The climate crisis has become one of the main problems nowadays in the current societies. We are living in a world that we are also gradually destroying. According to the European Commission, “earth and marine ecosystems play an important role in the climate’s regulation. Nowadays they absorb approximately half of the carbon emissions of human origin”. For that reason, we must be committed to take care of the necessary nature in which we live.



The +8000 garments and everything that surrounds them, come from the nature. Breathing pure air; feeling the protection of the trees, the animals sight; it is something that overjoys the soul, inspires and balances us. It is our way of life. And our +8000 team feels it in the same way. We count on high mountain, ravines and climbing guides, ambassadors and athletes form our brand that feel the nature as a part of themselves.

Marta Montaner:  “The nature is pure air, clean water, the land that feed us and wonderful landscapes perfect to live. For me, the nature is life, and additionally, health. Respecting the nature is understanding that she can live without us, but we can not without her. As I always say, ‘enjoy it like a child and take care of it like a grandma’”.

Marta Montaner

Michel González: “From the +8000 team, we want to take advantage of the worlds nature day to send a massage to the world: we must take care of it and conserve it as she has done with us during millions of years. Enjoy and take care of it!”

Michel González

Raquel Carbajo: “The nature is synonym of freedom, the one that transmits me calm, which brings out the tiny we are next to her, who shows us that the different makes people and things unique.”

Raquel Carbajo

Eukeni Soto: “The nature gives us the possibility of disconnecting from this society that is continuously stressed out and so that being able to enjoy life at our own pace. Here we set our own challenges, leaving apart every kind of competition. In a single word…FREEDOM!”

Eukeni Soto

 Cabastiny: “It is the rain that falls over me, the wind that hits me hard, the air I breathe, the ice crunching under my crampons, the touch of the rock on my skin… origin of all my experiences, space where I can meet with myself, connection and disconnection, calm and storm, strength and vulnerability, creator and destructor is the inspiration source, and the meaning of my dreams.”

Paola Cabastiny